Chantric feat. Robin DeWan – The flow

Released jan 2021. Track contains urban feeling with a twist of industrial and world music spices. Track is featured with Robin DeWan adding some didgeridoo frequences. Robin is a true friend and a collaborating artist. Also collaborating in The journey project established in early 2020.

Chantric – Gaia

Released may 2020. The artwork of track Gaia is inspired by the amazing art of Janne Erkkilä, a psychedelic artist who’s unique artwork is best described when seeing them with your own eyes.

Chantric feat. Nagwetch – Ntiom (vision quest) Remix

A remix out from the original track made with Nagwetch in 2019. Nagwetch is the lead singer and founder of famous ethnic rock band Wabanag. Chantric started collaborating with Wabanag in 2020. The goal of this collaboration is to build a full show in which psy trance elements and world music vibes will be blended together and brought in front of audience with the energy of live music. Chantric already performed with Wabanag at Faces ethno festival 2020. More of this is on it`s way.

Check Nagwetch here:

Chantric feat. Robin DeWan – The roots

The first ever release of Chantric starts from the roots. In this track the goal was to achieve something really deep. The collaboration with Didgeridoist Robin DeWan was symbiotic which can be heard through the feeling in the tracks didge parts. All together this track is in many ways something truly special and will remain as an rememorable exploration.

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Chantric at soundcloud: