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New Chantric track Algorithm out 15.6.

Chantric goes live!

Chantric is going live this summer. Set is being prepared for High healing festival at Uusikaupunki. A show will be performed with good old friend Robin DeWan. Didgeridoo frequences shall fill the air as we walk through shamanistic and transientic landscapes.

In november we`ll experiance more tribal moods at Cultural center Caisa, Helsinki. This time in a club with collective Tribal trance unit. This time delivered to you by Chantric and Nagwetch. The base of this will be collection of collaboration tracks as well as Chantric`s authentic material mixed to another mind expanding tribal journey. The show will be filled with native flute and singing as well as percussion. Plus definately throbbing beats as well as urban horizons painted by Chantric.

Check more details from Gigs section. Be safe, See you soon!

New music on it`s way!

Many things are falling into their places this spring. A remix is being made from the Chantric`s and Nagwetch`s track Ntiomi. Also a new Chantric track called Algorithm is on its way.

Chantric track The Flow released

The fourth release of Chantric is out! Let yourself flow through the busiest days with these beats and athmospheres. To add some deep level flow through didgeridoo frequences, we`ve got also Robin DeWan featuring. Enjoy!

Chantric, The flow. FEAT. Robin DeWan.

New release The flow coming january 2021

The year 2021 will start fresh and full of psychedelic vibes. This new material will be blended with industrial and urban vibes. Also a touch of world`s sound presented.

Chantric collaborates with ethnic band Wabanag

Native American heritage combined with modern and ethnic band sounds boosted with talent forms perfect elements to connect with Chantric’s energy. The goal is to build a complete live show with tribal and psychedelic elements. Live band and energetic trance beats guarantee a full trancendentic experience.

Check wabanag here:

New Chantric track Gaia is out!

Another mind blowing psy trance track from Chantric. This one strongly inspired by the amazing art of Janne Erkkilä, a psychedelic artist who’s unique artwork is best described when seeing them with your own eyes.

Gaia, Chantric.

Chantric starts a new project ”The journey”with Robin DeWan spring 2020

The journey is a live event consisting of electronic and acoustic music as well as a multimedia video projection that will accompany the live performances. ”We have been collaborating on various music tracks for about one year now. The Journey is our latest project. The concept is to take the audience on a musical and visual journey using recorded tracks along with live instrumentation. We will have guest musicians join us onstage and recording as needed. My main instrument is the didgeridoo so this will figure prominently in the musical component. Chantric and I have been working together on electronic tracks that vary in their style and intensity.”

Everything from calm, ambient soundscapes to electronic dance music will be used to create different atmospheres that will build a cohesive sonic music narrative. These soundscapes will be accompanied by corresponding visual imagery designed to create specific atmospheres along each stage of the production. The idea is to create an emotionally vivid multimedia experience for the audience taking them along a specific trajectory of sound and visual elements. We have been working on this project for approximately four months. Recordings and rehearsals have been made in Chantric’s studio in Roihupelto. So far we have completed four tracks, elements of which will be used in the production. Our plan is to continue to shape the vision of the Journey, creating the musical and visual elements.

Mtiomi out now!

Let the tribal athmospheres guide you through a vision quest. Honouring the legacy of the first nations. Mtiomi out now. Enjoy!

Chantric & Nagwetch. Mtiomi (vision quest)

Finally the collaboration with my dear friend Nagwetch is coming to it`s perfection. As a result we provide you a psy trancy remake of Nagwetch`s original song called Ntiom. Honouring the legacy of the first nations of wabanaki tribes, this track welcomes you to join on Mtiomi, a vision quest. Release date: 22.11.2019

Check nagwetch here:

Chantric`s debyt track Roots with Robin DeWan out now. Enjoy!

Chantric and Robin DeWan-Roots

At mids of july 2019 Chantric collaborated with Robin DeWan. A true didgeridoo wizard, to cast out some deep frequenced psy trance. Here`s a little taster for you to enjoy. More to come this autumn!

Robin Dewan
Robin Dewan at Roihupelto studios.

Check Robin DeWan here:

Naag (Yovan Nagwetch)

At spring 2019 Chantric joined with a good old friend Naag (Yovan Nagwetch) to produce first release of aboriginal, from the root psy trance. The track carries a name Ntiom, which means spirit animal in wabanaki language. Stay tuned for the release this autumn!!!